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May 21st, 2016

06:00 pm - What We Do for Love (A Snarry Story)
Prompt:One of Harry’s children is sick with something the local doctors cannot cure. Snape is the only one with the skill to brew the complicated potion needed to cure the child, but will he even be willing? What does Harry have to do to convince him? I’d prefer Harry to be single, please!
Rating:M for scenes of a mature nature, cursing....I don't think you can get through a Snarry Fic without some colorful language.
Warnings:Slash of course, swearing, very sexy British men....
Notes:As always, enjoy lovely readers!

SG-I sure am adding a lot of Snarry to my writing portfolio recently....
Snape-*Smirks* "And that is a bad thing how?"
SG-Nothing bad, just my poor fangirl heart can only take so much.
Harry-*Sly grin* "Severus, I think we should get this started before our author melts to a puddle."
SG-"No arguments there. On with the fic!"

What We do For Love

DADA Professor Potter found himself hurrying down a familiar dungeon corridor, his face etched with worry. Normally he was very good at hiding his inner turmoil, but this time it proved more challenging. It always was when kids were involved. Specifically, his own.

Little Albus was sick with Dragon Pox, and was suffering greatly from it. His skin had turned a sickly green, his skin rougher in texture. His coughing spells made his whole body shake, and Harry found himself nearly sick with worry.

The Healers had tried the commonly used cure for the pox, but Albus turned out the be frighteningly allergic to it. He had almost died, and that had steeled Harry's resolve. He was going to seek out the one person who could find a cure, fix the sickness that the healers were at a loss about how to cure.

Forgoing all sense of what was proper, he hammered on the dungeon door with his fist. He heard muffled cursing issue from inside, which made him give a small smile despite himself. The shuffling of feet sped up his heart, and when the door flew open, the smile slid right off his face like stinksap.

Glowering down at him was one Severus Snape, his scowl only growing deeper when he saw who lingered on his doorstep. Even though he was a Hogwarts Professor now, Harry still found himself feeling like a schoolboy under Snape's intense gaze. Those dark eyes had always unnerved him, maturity did not mute their effectiveness against him.

"Albus. This is for Albus." he thought to himself, and cleared his throat.

"May I come in?" he asked plainly, but calmly. He knew he needed to keep a level head, if he wanted Snape's help. He could not be lured into a verbal sparring match with the man.

Taking in Snape's expression which was only getting darker, Harry had a feeling this was going to be a challenge.

Despite his obvious discomfort and irritation, Snape stood aside and gestured him in. He gestured for Harry to take a seat in front of his desk, which he did.

There was no offer of tea or anything of the sort, but he hardly expected that of Snape. This was not a man who particularly cared for such delaying tactics. He prefered to get straight to the point, so once the dark man was seated that is what he did.

"I need your help, Severus." he started, and immeaditely Snape raised an eyebrow. He laced his fingers together, observing the young man in front of him.

"And just what," Snape began, "Makes you think I would help you, Potter?" His smirk was just as infuriating as ever, and Harry had to bite his cheek to keep from mouthing off.

Harry pulled a satchel out of his robes, which he then promptly dropped on Snape's desk. The bag rattled with the substantial amount of Galleons it contained.

"I would pay for the privilage, of course." he said smoothly, and Snape regarded him with a small smile.

"How very Slytherin of you." that deep voice drawled at him, and Harry found his stomach twisting a bit with nerves.

"It's a bit of a mystery." Harry began, and Snape chuckled at that.

"And of course you know how much I enjoy those." Snape spoke softly, then gestured for him to go on.

"Albus is sick with Dragon Pox, and the conventional cure nearly killed him." Snape's eyebrows nearly shot into his hairline at that one, and if the situation weren't so serious Harry would of laughed.

"Most unusual." Snape mused, his joined fingers beneath his chin in a thoughtful gesture.

"That kind of reaction is extremely rare, and since that is the only known cure for Dragon Pox...."

"We have a problem." Harry finished, and Snape made an agreeing noise.

Snape stood from his desk, and with his hands behind his back walked over to his window. Like in the Slytherin Common Room, it gave a wonderful underwater view of the Black Lake. He studied it intently as he let his thoughts run their course. When he turned back to Harry, there was a determined, but calculating look in his eyes.

He walked back over to the desk, his movements every bit as graceful as they always were. He grabbed the satchel of Galleons, holding them for a moment. Then, he handed them back to Harry. When the younger man made to protest, Snape held up a hand.

"I do not want money from you, Potter." Snape said curtly, his dark eyes unfathomable.

Harry's mind raced, and he felt desperate. If Snape didn't agree to help him, he had no one else to turn to. Potions Masters of Snape's caliber were damn near impossible to find, and merlin only knew why but he trusted him highly....

"What then? I need your help, Snape." Hard green eyes looked at him, but Snape saw the desperation there as well. Potter had always been entirely too easy to read.

He took in the younger man, chest heaving in obvious irritation and nervousness. Even though he didn't want to be, he was mildly impressed that the young professor had worked up the nerve to come to him. Not to mention, it must have been a hit to his pride to ask for this assistance. Even though he had never wanted children of his own, he did understand Harry's determination. There was nothing a parent would not do for their child.

His mind was made up.

"I will help you in this." Snape said carefully, as if he were measuring every word as carefully as he would his potions ingredients.

Harry's face lit up, despite his previous commitment to staying calm. The thought of having a cure for Albus, to have him finally well again-

Snape held up a hand, which brought Harry back to sober pretty quickly.

"But I do want something in return." Snape looked him directly in the eyes as he said this, which made him feel rather unnerved.

"You said you didn't want Galleons." Harry said stubbornly, and Snape chuckled darkly at this. Harry stood up suddenly, angry at being made to feel a fool.

Snape moved in on him then, getting closer than Harry might have proffered. He looked down his rather long nose at Harry, and the younger felt his breathing hitch.

Quick as a corba strike, Snape had grabbed Harry's chin. He tilted the younger mans face up to meet his. That one quick move had Harry's heart pounding against his ribs.

Snape leaned in, which made Harry panic. He tried to move away, but Snape's other hand came around the small of his back, pressing him flush against the black clad man. The mans greasy hair brushed over his face as Snape leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"I want you." the dark voice purred, and Harry gasped.

A second later, Harry's back was pressed up against the dungeon wall, and a lithe form was pressed up against him. Thin, but agressive lips were pressing against his own and Harry could do nothing but groan. He never would have been expecting this, not in a million years. And yet, his blood felt like it burning. He ached in the most delicious way, which only grew more intense as Snape cupped him through his pants.

That mouth that had been plundering his mouth so wonderfully now moved down to his neck, licking and biting in equal measure. Each bite was deliberate, and Harry felt his hands claw down Snape's back as his face was pushed into Snape's shoulder.

"Oh Merlin!" Harry gasped, barely able to put those two words into a sentence.

Snape chuckled against his throat.

"Hardly, but thank you for the compliment." Snape purred, which made Harry blush.

Snape encouraged him to wrap his legs around his waist, which Harry was all too eager to do. His hands soon found themselves entangled in Snape's hair, and he used his leverage to push Snape away just slightly.

Those dark eyes looked like black flame, and Harry gulped. He had to ask though, or forever wonder.

"How?" he asked simply, but Snape seemed to understand.

"How did I come to know I desired you?" Snape said softly, and Harry nodded.

Snape's hand came up to caress Harry's face, and the younger found himself leaning into the touch.

"I knew because of how I studied you at staff meetings." Snape said, before learning down to nibble his earlobe. Harry moaned at that.

"I knew," Snape breathed, his nose tracing a path down his neck and stopping at his collarbone. "When I would see you walking down the hallway, those robes doing nothing to hide your delicious form." His tounge laved the spot behind his ear, and Harry's whole form trembled.

Snape growled his next words.

"And I knew, when I saw you giving me those teasing looks, you little minx." The bite on his shoulder was sharper than the others, and a flash of heat shot through Harry.

"Take me." Harry whispered, his voice too hoarse to say it any louder. Every inch of him craved Snape's touch, and even then it might not be enough. He could have a lifetime with Snape, and it probably still wouldn't be enough.

Snape's hand slid down his back, all the way down to his backside, which got a firm squeeze. Harry gasped again, which earned him a smack there as well. He looked up at the man, and found him smirking once again.



Harry Potter woke up the next morning, in a bed that was most certainly not his own. Still half asleep, Harry made to reach for his glasses. When he had put them on, he looked about he room.

Ah, right. Snape's rooms.

The events of the last night came back to him in bits and pieces, and he smiled at the memories. Despite the desperate circumstances that had brought them to it, Harry didn't find himself regretting a single thing. He had wanted Snape a very long time, but had been too afraid of having his arse cursed off to say anything.

And now....well now things would take a different direction then he had expected. And suprisingly, that did not make him nervous. In fact, he found himself looking foreward to it. As long as Snape was part of his future, he was happy.

Running a hand through his astoundingly horrid bedhead, Harry looked to the right and saw a potion vial on the bedside table. He reached over and grabbed it, looking at the note attatched to it.

"Professor Potter, fortune seems to favor you once again.
I had been working on an an alternate treatment for Dragon Pox,
to expand treatments available. A few more adjustments this
morning was all that was needed to complete this potion.
Albus will be the first one to benefit from this improved
potion. I daresay he will be the first of many. If you
wanted to meet for tea this afternoon when I have free period,
I might just be able to tolerate your endlessly irritating self."


Harry found it difficult to keep a straight face as he read the letter. How Snape managed to insult him and ask him to tea at the same time was true skill. He folded the letter neatly, tucking it into his pants pocket.

He wasted no time in getting dressed, knowing he had to hurry to get to St. Mungo's. Albus being made better was all that occupied his mind for now.

And once he was better, Harry had tea with a snarky potions master to look foreward to.

-Fin- <3

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April 26th, 2016

05:19 pm - In the Vipers Grasp (A Snarry Story)
Prompt:10.After the war, Harry finds himself feeling more and more out of control. At a friend’s suggestion, he goes to one of the local BDSM clubs. The Dominant he is assigned for the night keeps his face hidden, instructing Harry from the shadows as to what he wants. Harry finds the release and control that he needs in submission for this man. How does he react when he finally discovers his Dominant is Snape? Go as kinky as you want with this one, I have no real squicks in this area!
Rating:Mature, obviously has BDSM Themes.
Warnings:Kinky stuff, paddling, blindfolds,tying up, you get the idea. Don't read if your too young. Or this is not your cup of tea.
Notes:Enjoy! I certainly did.

Snape-*Smirks* "Of course you enjoyed it, you pervy fangirl."
Harry-"Oh, leave her alone Severus! She can perv all she wants!"
SG-"I agree wholeheartedly."
Snape-"Someone's getting a sound paddling tonight."
SG-"On with the fic!"

Harry Potter was quite unrecognizable when he stepped out into London's Streets.

It was dark out, and he had just stumbled out of yet another bar. His head was swimming, and he put a hand to his forehead to stave the headache he knew was coming.

Ah well. Better to have a raging headache than to feel nothing.

He almost fooled himself.

A bitter smile creeped onto his face as he considered his present predicament. He was in no fit state to apparate, as he was likely to splinch himself if he tried. He remebered all too well Ron's painful splinching, when they'd been on the run from Voldemort.

"Ron." he mummured, a heavy weight sinking in his chest as he mummured his best mates name. Ron was no longer among the living, and it was all his fault.

He and Ron had been training as Aurors together, as Ron hadn't known what to do after Hogwarts. So, he had simply followed Harry into Auror training. This was fine with him of course, because Ron was his best friend.

They had never thought they would be paired together, as partners. Being the Boy Who Lived had it's advantages, and when he had requested Ron as a partner it had been granted. They were partnered as soon as training was over, and Harry couldn't have been happier.

Those had been good years, Ron and he involved in endless raids. Arresting endless amounts of remaining Death Eaters after the war. He and Ron had both suffeed some battle scars, but they always managed to laugh them off. Even when they would share a room in St. Mungo's together.

And then that one night happened. Harry didn't like to think about it, hence the drinking. He couldn't stand the pain. A raid had turned into a trap, and the blood. So much blood. The gang of sadistic Death Eaters took no pity on the Aurors, placing them first under Imperius and then torturing them. Harry, being able to resist Imperius fought back. He was outnumbered though, and quickly prepared himself for the worst.

He had been so convinced that he was going to die, especially when he saw a jet of green light heading straight for his face.

"NO!!" a voice cried out, and a body suddenly flew in front of him. A body that was horrifyingly familiar to him.

Ron hit the floor with a loud thump, his eyes vacant and unknowing. Harry, not caring about the danger he was in, threw himself over Ron's body to protect him.

"NO, no, NO, Ron WAKE UP! YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP!" he shouted in Ron's ear, but it made no difference.

His best friend was gone, and it was his fault.

Somehow, he managed to drag both he and Ron up, quickly turning on the spot and disaperating.

Three days later they were burying his best friend. He stood silently among the mourners, his arm wrapped around a sobbing Hermione. He had his other arm around Rose and Hugo, who were wimpering as Ron's coffin was lowered into the ground.

He had made a promise to Ron, that if anything happened to him, Harry would take care of his family. It was a promise many Auror Partners made with eachother, a kind of solemn vow that bound them. It wasn't an Unbeakable Vow, just and understanding.

And so despite his great pain and haunting memories, Harry kept his promise. He had always been a man of his word. He brought Hermione, Rose, and Hugo to live with him. He treated Rose and Hugo like the kids he'd never had, though he had always wanted. He felt he owed to Ron, as the man had died defending him.

He had thought Hermione would hate him, because Ron gave up his life for him. To his suprise, it was exactly the opposite. She was very proud of Ron, as had been a man of great honor and bravery. He had been granted all honor due to a Auror at his funeral, and it had comforted her to know he died in a good cause.

Still, Harry di everything he could to make Hermione happy, as well as her kids. Eventually Hugo and Rose both graduated Hogwarts, and Harry attended their graduation. He clapped as loudly as Hermione when they recieved their diplomas, and both Rose and Hugo beamed with pride.

Harry's Auror Instincts were as accuteever, even though he had abruptly quit after Ron died. He felt a pair of eyes trained intently on him, so he searched them out.

His eyes met a pair of black ones sitting on the dais, and he found himself a bit unnerved, despite his years of going after criminals of the worst sort.

Severus Snape was studying him intently, those inky black eyes staring him down. Harry looked at him for a moment, eyebrow raised. Why was the man peering at him like that? It almost took him right back to his sorting, when Snape had been looking at him much the same way. His attention was quickly diverted however, when Rose gave a happy squeal and practically skipped off the stage. His smile quickly returned.

Hermione lingered for some time after Rose and Hugo started University, mostly out of a sense of loyalty to her friend. Eventually though, her interests had her considering a new direction.

Harry remebered all too well accompanying her to the Floo in her home, which was connected to her distant cousins in America. Hermione would be taking a job there at a Wizarding School in America, as Potions Mistress. He was happy for her, he really was. But somehwhere deep inside he was a storm of emotions. He felt like he was losing another friend.

Hermione hesitated just for a moment before throwing her arms around him, crushing him in a hug. A hug only Hermione was capable of.

"Oh Harry!" she gasped out, emotion suddenly overwhelming her due to the situation. Her face was buried against his neck, and Harry's arms around her tightened. He was fighting his own tears, evenas he was periodically blowing tufts of Hermione's bushy hair out of his face.

Hermione drew back just enough to look him in the eyes.

"I will never be able to thank you enough Harry, for all you did for my family. We're your family too." she took a big breath to steady herself. Her smile was a bit wobbly.

"Please say you'll visit?" Hermione had a pleading look in her eyes, and a soft smile broke out on his face.

His hand reached up to touch her hair gently.

"Of course I will, Mione. And write every week." his smile was teasing, and Hermoione pressed her face to his chest and chuckled.

"Take care of yourself, Harry." Hermione whispered to him, with one more very tight hug for him. She withdrew, and they smiled at eachother.

Then Hermione turned towards the flames. She threw the green sparkly powder in, and clearly said her destination. She waved at Harry, then stepped into the flames.

She was gone.

His hand was still raised in farewell.

And that brought Harry to where he was now, on his knees as he considered the dark around him.

Hermione had left three years ago, and though he had visited her quite often at first, his visits became less and less frequent.

After all the pain of the war, and then losing Ron, Harry had felt more and more out of control. Like he was in a downward spiral he could not get himself out of. At first the drinking had helped, but he had needed more and more of it as time went along. Now it didn't make much of a dent in his pain.

He had had a string of one night stands, a parade of nameless people in muggle london. He couldn't risk indulging in a place he would be recognized. He had long since grown tired of the Prophet dogging his every step.

He longed for his life to make sense again, to feel like he had a purpose. To move along with the certainty that everyone else seemed to. It had been eluding him for so long, he was starting to have doubts that he could ever feel that way again.

He walked almost absentmindedly, not sure of his destination but not really caring.

So, it suprised him when he found himself outside of Neville's house.

He found himself knocking, a minute later a man with somewhat curly brown hair answered. His face registered no suprise, as Harry had shown up like this too many nights to count. He simply took Harry by the arm and helped him inside.

"Neville...." Harry found himself slurring slightly, as he looked at his friends face.

Neville placed him gently on the couch, then grabbed a blanket off the back of the couch. He covered Harry with it equally gently. Somewhere in Harry's drunk mind he registered the kindness, but it was on a small level.

"Neville...." Neville looked up at him that time, and a tear slid down his face.

"I miss him." Harry gasped, and then sobbed, pressing his face into Neville's shoulder.

A hand came to rest on Harry's back, rubbing in soothing circles.

"I know Harry."

Those werehe last words that registered in Harry's mind, before darkness swallowed him.

Neville sipped his tea periodically, while watching Harry's sleeping form steadily. The raven haired manlooked so much older than his actual age, and Neville had a hunch that it was very awful stress. Harry tried to hide it, but it was obvious to him.

"Atleast he seems to be eating enough." Neville thought, noting that Harry's frame was filled out enough. He knew Molly Weasley made sure Harry was always well feed.

But it was obvious he was still suffering from Ron's death, as well as Hermione's departure. It hurt him to think his friend was suffering so much.

Neville tried to invite Harry to tea as much as he could, and occasionally out for some activity or another. Harry seemed to be happier in those moments, but it never lasted.

Neville knew that Harry's romantic life was practically non existant. Even if he hadn't been suffering emotional scars, he was always nervous about being hounded by the Prophet. It made dating damn near impossible. Atleast dating anyone in the Wizarding World.

Neville ran a hand through his somewhat messy hair, sighing deeply. Harry had had one night stands, but nothing that brought him true satisfaction. He was flailing around mentally, and physically he was seeking some kind of control. When his life felt so out of control, he longed for it.

That was something Neville understood. He had Harry had discussed it on many occasions. Of course, that was when Harry was sober. Not on nights like this. On nights like this, Neville simply offered up his couch, and made sure Harry was comfortable. He understood what it was like to be alone in the world, even if his parents were both technically alive.

A moan from the couch brought him out of his musings. Harry was leaning his head over the side of the couch, and he looked like he was about to be sick. Neville managed to shove a bucket under him before he did, and after he was done banished the mess.

Neville had an idea. And when Harry was on the mend tomorrow, he would mention it to him.


Harry nervously adjusted his collar as he and Neville walked up to a rather dismal looking place. He was dressed in a form fitting red shirt that showed off his muscles, as well some tight fitting black pants that hid nothing. a snug fitting robe completed the outfit. Neville was wearing much the same, but with a blue shirt on.

"Are you sure about this, Neville?" he asked tenatively, because honestly he wasn't very sure. His Gryffindor bravery was slowly leaving him the closer they got to that ominous looking door.

neville put a hand on Harry's shoulder, pulling him aside gently. he encouraged the ermerald eyed boy to look at him.

"Harry, I promise that nothing bad willhappen. you can just watch if you prefer. I understand your preferences, I really do." he smiled. "Just trust me." He raised an eyebrow at this, and that made Harry's eyes light up in amusement.

"Yeah, alright." he said, passing a hand through his untamable hair.

"Good man!" Neville clapped him on the back, and together they walked to the door.

Neville knocked, and a slit opened in the door,apair of eyes looked out at them.

"Moonstone." Neville said solemnly, and the door quickly opened. He stepped inside first, then Harry right after.

"Oh." Harry whispered, once his eyes adjusted to the dark. there were red lights placed in strategic places, highlighting one area or another. In one spot, a man was using a bullwhip on a women with a gaginhermouthfeet tied together. Her head was thrown back, her eyes glazed over in what could only be pleasure.

In another corner, a very muscular man had another man tied up, spread eagled on a bed with red silk sheets. The man on the bed was blindfolded, while the man hovering above him was taunting him, calling him filthy names while tugging at his hair and biting his neck. A neck that was already littered with bruises.

And of course there were duos walking around together. Dom's and Domme's walking their submissives around on leashes. The submissives kept their heads down, while their Masters and Mistresses talked to other guests.

It completely overwhelmed Harry at first, for he had never been in an environment such as this before. The music seemed to hav a pulsating rythem, that made a warmth seem to pool in Harry's belly. He found himself wanting to join in, but he was a bit intimidated. He tugged at his collar again, and leaned over towards Neville to whisper in his ear. Neville nodded, and walked off towards the person who seemed to be in charge.

Harry wandered over the bar, knowing he would need some liquid courage. He ordered a firewhisky, for this was a wizarding establishment. Neville seemed to think that was for the best, and Harry had trusted him with it.

He remebered the days when Firewhisky would have burnt it's way down his throat. He used to cough until his eyes watered when indulging. Now, it waswarm kind of comfort, instead of a searing pain.

he sipped his drink while he waited for Neville. He could feel many pairs of eyes on him, and he found himself sitting a bit straighter. The drink was making him bolder, and he found himself wanting them to look.

Neville tapped him on the shoulder, snapping Harry out of his pleasant haze.

"I made an arrangement for you." he whispered with a smile. He pointed to a door on the far side of the room. Harry looked at him tenatively, because even with the liquid courage he was still on the fence.

Neville squeezed his shoulder reasuringly.

"You can put an end to it at any time. Raven's aware of what your safeword is."

Harry relaxed a bit at that.

"Raven? Who's that?"

Neville just smiled in a mischevious kind of way.

"Not knowing is half the fun." he nudged Harry in the ribs, then pushed him in the direction of the door.

Harry walked to it slowly, feeling almost in a trance. This was it, he could't back out now. Despite his nerves, he did feel a thrill go through him at the thought of what was in front of him.

His hand lingered on the door knob for just a moment, sweat beading on his forehead as he closed his eyes. This was it.

He took a deep breath and turned the knob, pushing open the door.


It was almost as if he had taken his glasses off, for he was immeaditely plunged into darkness. He couldn't have even seen his hand in front of his face. This is not what he had expected.

"Hello?" he called tenatively.

There was no answer.

He did however feel a quick brush against his hip. His breath hitched, and he looked wildly around.

"Anyone here?" he asked, fearing Neville had direced him to the wrong room.

"You will not speak, unless spoken to." a voice came to him from the dark, and he shuddered.

"Nod, if you understand." the voice commanded, and Harry wondered how the man could see him in the dark. He could not see a thing, even when his eyes had time to adjust.

He nodded immeaditely.

"Good boy." the voice sounded approving, and yet mocking at the same time.

A candle suddenly flickered to life on a table in front of him. He gave it his full attention, since it was the first light source he'd seen since entering the room.

He was broken out of his daydreaming when a single hand struck out, wrapping around his throat. He fought against his instictual reaction to fight back, instead allowing his head to lean back into an unyeilding shoulder.

"Hm....such a pretty boy." the voice mummured in his ear, the hand on his throat tightening, while the other slithered down his frame, fingers scratching down his chest, down to his stomach. The hand on his stomach abruptly pressed him into the mans front, where he felt a very prominent erection against his bum. Harry whimpered. He felt so powerless, and yet....every cell in his body felt like a livewire. He was thrumming with excitement in a way he hadn't in so long....

The hands on him abruptly let go, and the body withdrew back into the black, making him fall right on his arse.

"Bloody hell!" Harry cursed, rubbing at his lower back. That had really hurt, and not the good kind of hurt he had been dreaming of.
"That language of yours is attrocius, and I do not tolerate such language from my pets." the voice growled at him, and he was pretty sure his gulp of dread was audible.

Suddenly all the candles in the room flamed to life, and Harry got to take in the form of the Dom he was assigned to.

The first thing he noticed was that man was wearing a raven mask. It was a bit unnerving, but in a strange way kind of exciting. He realized that was why the man was called Raven, for the mask. He supposed keeping identities secret was important around here.

The second thing he noted was the man towered over him. Harry had never been particularly tall, and this man made him look even smaller by comparison. He was also decently muscled in his arms and legs, though not overly so. Overall he was pretty lean, a figure further complimented by the tight black long sleeve and pants he wore.

And the very last thing he noticed was those eyes. The obsidian eyes glittered at him from behind the mask, and Harry found himself trapped in them without even wondering why.

The man gestured to a desk in front of them.

"You will pay for such language in my presence. On the desk." he said it softly, but the effect was still scary. This man did not need to yell to get anyone to obey.

Harry scrambled to do as he said, bending over the desk.

He felt his arms being lfted up, and then his wrists tied together. A thrill went through him, his heart pounding faster now.

The man leaned down right to his ear, his hot breath ghosting in Harry's face.

"Foul mouthed pets deserve to be punished, don't they?" he whispered, and Harry found himself nodding.

A stinging slap met his face, and the silky voice growled at him again.

"I require an answer, pet."

"Yes." Harry gasped, and he felt a hand carress his hair. That hand trailed it's way down his neck, down his back, until it fell on his rump. Harry squirmed, and the voice chuckled.

"Ten smacks I think." the voice said, and then the man moved to a wall with several instruments on it. He took one, and Harry studied it for a moment.

A paddle. Merlins saggy-

"You will count each one. If you fail to, or lose count we shall start again."

"Yes." Harry answered, and he got a smack with a hand in reponse.

"Yes, sir." the man corrected him.

"Yes, sir." Harry revised, his arse stinging already from just one blow.

"You know, I don't think I've had such a fiesty pet before." SMACK!

"One!" Harry gasped out.

The masked man smirked.


"Two." Harry tried to muffle his gasp against the wood of the desk, but it did nothing.


"Three, four." Harry ground out, his teeth bared against the stinging. Even with the stinging, Harry felt himself hardening as his arse burned.

The man leaned down over him, pressing his front to Harry back. His hands entangled themselves in Harry's hair before yanking his head back. Harry gasped at the sudden pain. Pain that also shot a bolt of pleasure directly to his groin.

"I will take GREAT pleasure in breaking you, fiesty pet." that low voice purred in his ear, and Harry moaned.

As the blows continued to rain down on his backside, Harry couldn't stop himself grom groaning. His arse must look red as a cherry right now, but he couldn't bring himself to care. the stinging sensation was everything he wanted, everything he'd hungered for for years.


The last two blows struck him, and dutifully counted them.

"Nine, ten."

His chest was heaving, so intense were his feelings. And yet, he felt a strangeso, for he felt that this was where he should be.

The man circled around to where his face lay against the wood, and pulled his face up to meet the mans dark eyes. The eyes were judging, measuring.

He dragged Harry back up, only long enough to look him the eyes. His eyes were so intense, so deep, that Harry felt he could drown in them.

"You were barely adaquatewhen it came to your punishment. So, lets see if you do any better with your mouth."

The dark man forced the younger man to his knees, and Harry automatically reached for the elder mans pants. His Dom smacked his hand away, and Harry looked up at him confused.

"I did not say you could touch." The voice hissed from behind the mask, and Harry ducked his head in shame.

"Sorry, sir." he said, hoping to avoid punishment.

"I care not for your sorries. Only your actions." the man quickly undid the clasp on his pants, and Harry was secretely pleased to see the man went commando. The fire in his nether regions only burned more intensely at that new information.

The man wasted no time, pulling Harry's head forward and his mouth to cover his shaft. Harry groaned as his mouth was invaded, humming in perfect bliss. To give up control in such a way, to be powerless was so exciting. He had never felt anything like it.

He bobbed his head back and forth on Raven's shaft, determined to keep up the fast pace the elder man had set.

For all his incredulity at Harry's filthy tounge, Raven certainly had one of his own.

"Oh yes, you like that don't you, filty slut."

"Down on your knees for a man twice your age."

"You just love sucking me, don't you? You were born to suck me off."

All of that just fueled Harry's passion though, so he didn't complain. In fact, he added as much tounge as he could into the mix, to egg the man on even further.

And it worked, as the man was groaning and snarling without restraint. His thrusting began to become more erratic, and Harry knew he was close. Honestly, so was he. The knowledge of what he was doing, of where he was, had him so hard it was close to unbearably painful.

Raven's hands twisted painfully in his hair as he yanked Harry's face up to meet his.

"Look at me."

Harry was forced to release him when he looked up, and Raven timed it perfectly.

He practically growled his next words, and Harry felt his heart skip a beat.

He squeezed Harry's throat, and the youngers eyes widened. So close-

He practically growled his next words, and Harry felt his heart skip a beat.

"Take yourself in hand."

Harry did, wasting no time as he rushed towards orgasm. He felt he would die if he didn't.

He tossed his head back, which gave the elder the perfect oppurtunity to squeeze his throat again. Harry gasped. His eyes were wide as he took in the man watching him closely.

"Yes." the man purred, stroking the side of his face.

"Come for me....Harry Potter."

Harry gasped. That voice....

His eyes fluttered as an overwhelming, tidal wave of pleasure crashed in on him. He collasped to the ground, and the man who's identity he now knew stood above him, smirk firmly in place. The man bent down then, hands on knees as he studied the boy who's vision was blackening around the edges.

His head was spinning, and he could barely make it out the man above him. He was groaning his body still shaking from the most intense orgasm of his life. And than man hadn't even shagged him. That alone blew his mind. But he was also shaking from his new knowledge.

"Who would have thought? The golden boy, so black at heart." that dark chuckle was the last thing he heard, then darkness claimed him.

-TBC- <3

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March 9th, 2016

10:53 pm - Fancy and Foolishness

Prompt-Harry truly loved Snape since he was young, at age 15 he realized that fact after the incident with the pensieve, but he never dares to approach him. When Harry turns of age and the war is almost over he promised himself that he is going to tell Snape what he feels before the final battle. Fluffy from Harry and an extremely suprised Snape.

Warnings-Snarry, Snape and Harry Potter together.If slash bothers you or thr paiting does, don't bother to read further.Swearing also.

Notes-This is a response to the facebook Snarry page prompt contest.

Snape-*Smirk* "Oh this should be quite....entertaining."
Harry-"Oh stop being so dramatic! You know, you are not nearly as scary as you think you are."
Snape-*Eyebrow raise*
Me-"On with the fic!"
Fancy and Foolishness

Harry Potter stood watching a scene of humilation that he would give anything to unsee. If he could, he would have forced himself out of the Pensieve.

Alas, he could not. And he was forced to watch as a defenseless and very angry young Snape was hoisted into the air by his ankle. All the while students had gathered below and were laughing at him as he thrashed.

That was not the worst part though. His stomach dropped to just about his feet as he it registered to him who Snape's tormenter was.

His dad, James Potter.

His heart clenched painfully as he watched James taunt Snape, and look back at his friends for encouragement. It made him sick to watch.

He had always looked up to his father, idolized him. Bonded to him because of the Quidditch skills they both shared, amd the stories his friends had told Harry about him.

He could hardly believe that this was the same James Potter. And that knowledge threatened to overhwhelm him.

He saw his mother run up and intervene, and then Snape's words towards her. And though those ugly words filled him with rage, a moments pause gave him perspective. Hermione had rubbed off on him in that way.

Snape had just been humiliated. Beyond humiliated really. And had lashed out in anger and wounded male pride. It must have been horrible to be so humilated in front of someone like his mother, he realized.

And just when he realized that he felt a nasty, sudden jerk. Seconds later he was lurched back into Snape's Office and thrown against the wall. His head hit the wall pretty hard and he slid down it slowly. He felt a mounting sense of dread as he slowly looked up at the figure towering over him. A solid column of black.

Harry had faced down a fully restored Voldemort, but even then he hadn't been as terrified as he was now.

When the green eyes met the black they found the latter seething with rage. They looked like black flame. Harry's eyes moved to his mouth almost without thought, and found that it was thin as Mcgonagalls were when she was angry. His entire frame was shaking, his pale white hands clenching and unclenching as if he wished to wrap them around Harry's throat and squeeze.

With a movement that was so quick he had no time to react, Snape grabbed him by the front of his shirt, hand balled into a fist. He pressed closer, so that Harry was forced entitely flat against the wall.

Harry was petrified. He couldn't will himself to move, almost as if he was in a full body bind curse. He should probably consider himself lucky that Snape hadn't cursed him yet.

He still had ample oppurtunity though. And reason.

The thought made Harry's heart pound against his ribcage.

He closed his eyes, not wanting to see Snape mouth the words to whatever curse he had in mind.

What he hadn't expected was for Snape to suddenly release him. His legs were so unsteady that he could easily have fallen. Luckily, he managed to keep his feet.

He didn't even want to think of the ridicule Snape would throw his way if he couldn't keep his feet.

No sooner had he opened his eyes that his chin was grabbed forcibly and yanked uptight to meet Snape's eyes again.

Those black orbs were as full of menace as before, and Harry's own eyes widened.

"You will never speak a word of this to anyone." Snape said with a deadly calm, which was even more terrifying than if he had yelled. Harry's legs threatened to buckle under him again.

"No-" he said weakly, hoping to appease his furious Professor.

Snape abruptly let go of his chin, acting like simply touching him was painful beyond endurance.

Harry felt his heart break a little, but he didn't know why.


Those two growled words had him running for the door to Snape's office, which he abruptly threw open and bolted out the door.

He didn't stop running until he reached Gryffindor Tower.

He did not see the man clad in black collapse onto the chair behind his desk, trembling.

*Two Years Later*

Harry Potter was now 17.

The battle with Voldemort was looming, and the atmosphere in Hogwarts reflected that sobering fact. Harry knew it was only a matter of time before Voldemort attacked Hogwarts.

In anticipation of that fact,Dumbledore had ordered that he began training with Snape at the beginning of his sixth year. He had dreaded the very thought, and had protested at first.

Of course, Dumbledore had ended up convincing him. He had sweetened the deal by saying he could spend his summers at The Burrow, since it would make it easier for Snape to train him during the summer. The thought of not having to go back to The Dursley's was almost too good to be true. And so he had gladly accepted.

Though spending his summers in a place he was actually wanted was not his main reason for agreeing. His other motivation was positively Slytherin in nature, and Harry began to understand why the Sorting Hat had wanted to place him there.


After his confrentation with Snape over the pensieve memory, Harry bolted back to Gryffindor Tower like Voldemort was right on his heels. He practically yelled the password at the Fat Lady, who protested at being spoken to so rudely. He rushed into the portrait hole and through the Common Room, ignoring Ron and Hermione's greetings and then startled questions as he hurried past them.

He rushed up the stairs to the Boy's Dorm and slammed the door shut behind him. He collasped on his bed then, head in his hands and shaking.

It had just been too much. Between learning this new, unwelcome information about his father, Snape's fury....

A flush of heat warmed his cheeks as he thought about Snape.

The way his hands had grasped him. His long fingered hands so elegant looking.

His height, towering over Harry as he glared down his long nose at him. Not really and ugly nose, he mused. But dignified, distinct.

That long but undeniably muscled body, pinning him to the wall. As if his dark gaze hadn't pinned him already.

And his voice. Merlin, that voice. It washed over him like phoniex song, except instead of filling him with peace, it filled him with longing. It overwhelmed him, this longing.

It made longings he'd had before pale in comparison.

That had made him shake for an entirely different reason.

*End of flasback*

A sharp elbow to his ribs had him wincing as he tiredly looked over to where Hermione was seated next to him.

They were in NEWT Potions now, and Hermione had just saved Harry from Snape's wrath. Which he knew better than ever was formidable.

He hadn't gotten much sleep last night, as a certain dark haired man had throughly invaded his dreams. Stroking, caressing, gasping-

"Harry!" Hermione tried to warn him, but it was too late. A large shadow loomed over them both, and Harry felt that familiar pool of dread threaten to drown him again.

"Mr. Potter." the baritone voice drawled, voice seeming to caress every word before it left his mouth.

Snape's eyebrow raised, and a smirk that could only mean trouble lit his face.

Harry ran a hand through his already messy hair in a show of nerves.

"Ms. Granger cannot always be expected to make up for your incompetence. Know-it-all or not. Fifty points from Gryfindor, and detention with me tonight."

Snape strode off to the front of the class after that, Ron making rude hand gestures behind his back. When Snape turned around and took more points, Ron could be heard mummuring that the greasy bat did have eyes in the back of his head.

Hermione leaned over to him, whispering so Snape wouldn't hear her. She seemed genuinely troubled, and Harry feared her observant personality at times like this.

"You haven't been acting like yourself Harry. What's wrong?"

Harry sighed before forcing himself to look at his friend.

"Just exams coming up, and Voldemort you know it's a lot to deal with."

Hermione seemed to understand, and backed off after that.

He was getting too good at this lying thing. He really should have been in Slytherin.

When Harry found himself outside Snape's classroom door precisely on time, he found himself hesitating. He had been dreading this as soon as he had left Snape's class that day.

He had been avoiding Snape as much as possible since he had discovered his feelings, since he wanted to admit them but didn't dare to. The very thought was terrifying.

There was no bloody way that Snape, bastard that he was would return his feelings. Everyone thought he was incapable of feeling anyway. Atleast feeling anything remotely positive. Harry knew from firsthand experience that he could feel rage.

Plus, who even knew if Snape was interested in blokes? He was so incredibly private, and most students thought he had no sexual impulses at all. He had never shown interest in anyone, male or female.

And Harry didn't think he was anything special to look at. Sure, he had filled out some from so much time playing Quidditch, and the feasts Hogwarts provided. But years of near starvation at the Dursley's had left their mark, and he knew he'd always been on the smaller side.
His hair was always going to be hopeless, and he wore glasses.

In fact, the only things he had ever liked about himself were his emerald green eyes, which everyone always said were just like his mothers, and his lightning bolt scar.

Of course, that was before he knew what a horrible, heavy weight of a legacy that scar would force on him.

He knew he couldn't put it off any longer, so before he lost his nerve he knocked several times. Then he waited.

"Enter!" A familiar deep voice called, and with an audible gulp Harry pushed open the door.

He treaded carefully as he stepped into the classroom, and Snape kept him waiting for a solid five minutes as he finished grading papers. Harry caught a sharp looking T being scrawled on a students paper befote it was pushed aside.

Snape looked at him full on then, and Harry's heart started racing again. Bloody hell....

"Mr. Potter." Snape spoke softly, and that familiar flash of heat swept over him again.

Snape gestured with those elegant hands towards a row of filthy cauldrons.

"Without magic." was said with a smirk, amd Harry had to stifle a groan as he trudged towards the cauldrons, already dreading it.

As he was scrubbing his fourth cauldron he though vaugly that things could not be much worse right now. He was sweating profusely from the steamy environment that was the potions classroom, combined with his current activity. He decided to strip off his robe two minutes later for that reason.

Snape cleared his throat, and Harry turned his head to study him from beneath partially closed eyes.

The man in question has his head bent foreward as he graded papers, which made his somewhat lanky hair obscure his face. His posture was tense, ptobably due to the fact he was reading a paper thzt was not up to his standards. Harry snorted, extremely high standards indeed.

Snape's head snapped up at his snort, and his eyes narrowed as he took in Harry on his hands and knees blushing.

"Something amusing, Potter?" Snape grit out, and Harry hastily ducked his head.

"No sir." he said with conviction, and went back to scrubbing his cauldron vigorously.

Then he heard a snort, and he froze. Had that....come from Snape? The utterly devoid of humor Severus Snape? He didn't dare look, so he just continued scrubbing.

"Enough Potter." came a curt order from Snape, and Harry rose unsteadily. He had been on his hands and knees so long that they felt numb. The cold dungeon floor was completely unforgiving.

Snape gestured towards the seat directly in front of his desk, and Harry took it. He hadn't been nervous scrubbing cauldrons, but now-

"Distraction in my class is not tolerated Mr. Potter, as you very well know." Snape began, and Harry almost smiled at the irony. The man who was responsible for his distraction was sitting across from him commenting on it.

"Neither is-" Snape frowned at this, "Almost falling asleep." Snape narrowed his eyes at him. "Are you ill, Mr. Potter?"
Harry felt suprised at this. He would never havr pegged Snape as one to care. But then he realized, he was Slytherin Head of House. He was reaponsible for all of them, and probably had to intercede for their welfare on many occasions.

Harry tried to swallow past the nervous lump in his throat.

"No Sir, not ill." he tried for some strength in his voice, but it was faltering.

Snape's eyebtow raised at this. "No? Then what is it?" Snape seemed genuinely cutious, and Harry thought for sure that Snape was toying with him. Why this sudden interest in his welfare? He couldn't allow himself that hope-if Snape crushed it it would destroy him.

"I-" Harry tried, but the rest of the words died on his tounge before he could force them past his lips.

Snape finally seemed to be losing patience, which was always vety limited anyway.

"Mr. Potter, you are perfectly capable of speech. Cease this foolishness at once, as I do not have the time for-"

A wave of fury hit Harry, the likes of which he had hardly ever felt before. Who the hell was Snape to tell him to hurry when he was going through such emotional upheavel? His words had been stuck, but now they sped out of him like water rushing through a break in a dam.

"I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU, YOU GREASY GIT!" Harry yelled, slamming his fist down on Snape's desk. "Merlin knows why, you've treated me like dirt ever since you laid eyes on me, but I do!" He was so filled with self rightous rage that it barely registered to him that Snape sat as if frozen in his chair. Not even his hands moved. His face was like a mask.

It was like a bucket of cold water had been thrown on Harry, or like he'd accidently walked through one of the ghosts. His eyes were wide and no doubt fearful looking as he stared at the stunned man in front of him.

Harry didn't say a word, he just bolted. Out of his seat and to the door in seconds. He threw it open and was rushing down the hallway in a few seconds more.

"Just one more turn and I'll be out of the dungeons-" he thought, Just as he got there he suddenly froze. He fell backwards and would have hit the dungeon floor, had a pair of strong arms not caught him. He looked up and saw a pair of black eyes staring down at him.

He expected many things to be in those eyes, but not concern. It suprised him just as much as the full body bind had. Snape hadn't even said a word. Harry then remebered Snape knew wandless magic. Of course.

Snape reversed the curse and then picked him up carefully, not saying a word.Harry allowed it, only because he was so emotionally drained. Atleast thats ehat he told himself. In reality, he knew it was because it felt good to be in Snape's arms. It made him feel protected. For once in his life he felt safe, cared for even.

They were not heading towards the potions classroom Harry noted, and Snape answered his unsaid question when he turned right and took them both into his private quarters. He walked Harry over to the sofa and settled him on it comfortably. Then he flicked his wand at the fireplace which set it roaring.

He moved over to the cabinent on the side and took two small glasses from it, as well as a bottle of amber liquid. He poured enough into two glasses and shoved one into Harrry's hands.

"Drink." he ordered, but Harry looked at it nervously.

Snape snorted and took a sip of his own drink.

"I've worked far too hard all these years keeping you alive to kill you now, Potter."

That made Harry smile a bit, so he took a sip. And immeaditely started coughing.

"Firewhisky?" he gasped, and Snape smirked.

"The boy who lived can't hold his liquor?" Snape taunted, but then raised his glass.

"May you live long with yout foolish, Gryffindor sentimentality. And may that Gryffindor bravery continue to give me grey hairs."

Harry chuckled, and to Snape's suprise raised his glass. He took a second sip, and this one went down smoother.

"Potter-" Snape started, but Harry stopped him.

"Harry please. I'm just Harry." he said it calmly, but Snape seemed unerved.

"Harry-" he said grudgingly,"I think you will find that I am....ameable to your inclinations...."

A spring of hope bloomed in Harry's chest at Snape's words, but he was still a bit cautious. It all seemed too good to be true. Which in Harry's experience, it usually was. He hardly dared himself to hope. And yet-

"Really?" he said, and Snape frowned st this. He was clearly uncomfortable.

"Yes really, you foolish Gryffin-" Snape never got to finish, because he was cut off abtuptly by Harry. The younger man had flung himself into Snape's arms and pressed his lips to his.

What Harry hadn't expected was Snape's response. A sttong pair of arms wrapped around his waist, pressing him against a firm chest as harsh lips dominated his own. Harry felt like his head was spinning, and he never wanted it to stop.

When Snape finally pulled away, Harry looked like he was in a daze. Snape smirked and pressed Harry's head to his chest gently. Harry complied, feeling too dreamy at the moment to protest. He wznted more kisses, but it could wait. Instead he listened to Snape's heart beat steadily against his chest. Snape's hand was stroking gently through his hopeless hair, the other hand on the small of his back.

"What a fool I am, falling for a Gryffindor." Snape sighed dramatically, but Harry could hear the humor in it.

"Not as big a fool as I am, falling for a Slytherin. Ron will go bonkers."

Snape scowled at that.

"Cease speaking of Mr. Weasley, it ruins the moment. And besides-" Snape looked down at him, evil smile in place. Harry gulped.

"You won't be returning to Gryffindor Tower any time soon. I intend to keep you with me, and vety occupied my little minx."

Harry's smile was positively mischevious.

"Is that a threat or a promise?" he asked lightly, but Snape could hear the tremor in his words.


-Fin- <3 <3

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November 30th, 2015

09:28 am - The Hanging Tree: A Hunger Games Story
Authora Note:Oh, how exciting! My first very Hunger Games Fanfiction. I really should have written one before, but since Mokingjay Pt. 2djust came out, I thought now would be a good time. This is my own take on the origins of, "The Hanging Tree." Song. It is a Song Fic obviously, witb the lyrics included, at some point. I just kind of let the lyrics guide me on this one. Enjoy, Tributes!

The Hanging Tree: A Hunger Games Story

My name is Ember.

I live in District Twelve.

I am a shadow of a girl.

And I have seen terrible things.

I have seen people drop dead from starvation right in front of me.

I have seen injured coal miners, hurt in the mines, who would beg for death like it was the ultimate mercy.

And I have seen children, wide eyes in sunken faces, faces pale with Hunger and Fear.

That is not the reaon I speak to you now however.

No, I speak to you now to continue a story that is not mine.

It is a story of a girl, who lived in the shadows of District Twelve.

And it is about a boy, who took notice of this girl in the shadows.

And I suppose that by continuing in this book of Shadow girl's, I am helping in some way.

Keeping the flame alive, keeping what they lived for going.

I warn you now, this story does not have a happy ending.

Does it ever really,in District Twelve?

It is a story worth knowing, regardless.

If the pages of this book are any indication, I think Shadow Girl would agree....


I can't tell you the precise moment I took notice of the boy.

It may have happened to slow for me to actually notice.

The District school had just let out for the day, and I was just getting out the door when I felt eyes on me.

My grey eyes swiveled around quickly, looking around for whoever was watching me.

At first I saw no one. And then a movement to my right.

I swung around and saw a boy, probably about sixteen, resting his back against the trunk of a tree. He was tossing an apple from said tree up, and then catching it. Then he would toss it again.

He had short, blonde hair that looked like it had never ben brushed a day in this life. His blue eyes were looking right at me, and I froze on the spot.

His expression was slightly arrogent, which was no suprise, since he obviously lived In Town. All of those people were the most priviliged in District Twelve.

Not that this was saying much, but they were living a lot better than the people in The Seam.

Like her, for example.

His mouth quirked to one side, in an equally arrogent little half smile. His finger crooked,and he beckoned her fom where she stood in the shadows of the building.

Her expresion turned into a grimance, and she shifted her weight to one foot. Nothing good would come of associating with the Well Off Folk of District Twelve. She knew that.

And so she turned and began to walk away,heading towards her house.

"Hey, wait!" A voice called after her, and figuring it was the guy she walked faster.

She heard footsteps behind her before a hand grasped her shoulder.

She tensed before reacting quickly. She turned around fast and hooked her foot around his, making him fall to the ground. Once he was on the ground, she put her boot on his chest and pressed just slightly.

His eyebrow raised at her.

"Bit much don't you think, Shadow Girl?" He taunted her, but ther was a hint of teasing there.

"I don't suffer fools." She replied cooly, studying him for a moment.

"Well I think you've made your point. Mind helping a guy up?"

He extended his hand towards her.

Sighing, she slowly lifted her boot off his chest and grabbed his hand. She yanked him up.

His grin seemed genuine.

"Who knew Shadow Girl could have so much fight in her?" He teased.

She turned around and started walking towards her house again.

"Who knew that Village boys could be so ignorant as to when their presence isn't welcomed?" She snapped back.

"Ooh, you wound me, Shadow Girl." He had a hand dramatically pressed to his chest.

She turned back to him again.

"Look, just tell me what you want. Then I can leave and go home." Her arms crossed over her chest, and she tapped her foot impatiently.

His grin got wider, if anything.

"Well, I wanted to take you out." He said simply.

She raised her eyebrow.

"Take me out where?" She questioned, not understanding.

"You know. Out on a date." He said, smile still firmly in place.

Her eyebrow went even higher.

"Your kidding right? You don't even know me." She growled, turning away and starting to walk.

She knew it had been a joke. People always liked to laugh at her. Mostly because she was so anti social. Didn't like to hang out with people. She stuck to the shadows, which were the closest things to friends that she had.

"I'm not kidding! I really want to take you out!" He called, bit she ignored him. Her hand ran through her dark hair in a show of irritation.

A hand clamped down on her shoulder again, and she tensed. This time she was going to make sure he couldn't follow her.

She was just about to turn around and deck him when he held up his hands in surrender.

Well that wasn't what she had expected.

His smile was sheepish.

"Look,I know you are from The Seam and I am from the Village,but I've noticed you. Theres something different about you."

Of course there was, that's why she stuck to the shadows.

There was no judgement there for being different.

"My name is Coal." He extended his hand.

She looked at it for quite a few seconds before she reluctantly took his hand.

"Shadow girl to you." she said, a tenative smile in place.

His grin was encouraging.

If only slightly.

"I'll meet you by The Justice Building in two hours." He said, and before she could protest he had kissed her cheek. Then he turned tail and ran.

Her hand rose up to meet her cheek where he had kissed her. A blush had rise there, and she grimanced at her foolishness. There was very little Happiness to be found in District Twelve.

Against her will,a small bloom of hope did rise in her chest though.

Despite everything.

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June 11th, 2014

10:21 pm - A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt.4!
Authors Note-My apologies guys! I did not mean to not update for nearly two weeks, but I kept getting interupted by real life everytime I tried to update! Anyway, no more delaying! On with the fic! ;)

Warnings-If adult language, gore, and slash of the pompous pep variety is not your thing, I would avoid reading this fic! Consider yourself warned.

Disclaimer-I should have stated this from the beginning but I forgot, oh well! I do not own Danny Phantom the show and the chareter. I am only borrowing the charecters for my own twisted purposes. So please don't sue, just an innocent Phan! *Angel Halo*

A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt. 4! :)

*Two Months Later*

A very tense Danny Phantom sat at his kitchen table, one hand hovering over his pancake laden plate, the other holding up the newspaper he was reading. He was paying so much attention to his reading that he didn't even catch Jazz's look of concern. Even if he had, he wouldn't have paid it much mind. Jazz looked at him that way a lot, especially lately.

He couldn't help himself though, he was so disturbed by the events that had gone down two months ago. And the culmination of it all was haughtily staring him in the face via the front page headline, and the picture of the man below it: "Billionare Mayor Vlad Masters Still Missing, Thought to Be Dead."

There it was. There he was in picture form, staring at the camera that was taking his picture with a look that was the defenition of cocky. And Danny had to swallow back the guilt that was rising in his throat, wanting to speak aloud his guilty concience, but knowing he could not. His mind would not let him.

Even months later, he was still being plauged by nightmares. Plasmius's even more frightening form, Vlad lying possibly dead on the lab floor. The blood, the screaming, waking up and realizing Vlad was no longer in the lab with him..

Danny put a quick hand to his stomach. He suddenly wasn't feeling hungry anymore.

"Can I be excused?" he asked quietly.

His mom looked at him in concern, and so did Jazz, but thank god for his dad..

"Sure son! Maybe later you can come help me work on my newest ghost zapping gadget!"

Danny had to control his urge to flinch at the mention of the lab, but nodded anyway. Good thing his dad was so clueless. But he wondered how long he would able to play keep away from his mom and Jazz..

He quikly got up from the table, grabbing his bag and heading towards the door. He had promised to meet up with Sam and Tuck at the arcade..

"Hold on there, little brother." his sister rushed into the hallway, looking at him worridly at him.

Well, it was nice while it lasted.

"What is it, Jazz? I promised Tucker and Sam that I'd meet them at the arcade."

Jazz smiled slightly at this. She was glad her brother was getting out for a bit. Ever since the lab being destroyed by that random ghost happened, Danny hadn't been acting like his usual self. She was worried about him, and said as much.

Danny sighed, looking at her through his fringe beause his hair was particially covering his eyes.

"Thanks for being concerned, Jazz. Something different did happen from what I've told mom, dad, and you about that night, but I can't tell you now. Can we talk later?"

Jazz raised an eyebrow, her inquisitive mind coming to the forefront.

"Does this have to do with Mr. Masters suddenly disapearing?"

Danny's head instantly snapped up, eyes going wide, but Jazz just put a calming hand on her brothers trembling shoulder. It's okay Danny." she said quitely, looking right into his eyes. "You tell me when you're ready, and not a moment before." She smiled reassuringly, and Danny managed a small smile back in return. That sad sideways smile reminded Jazz of when they were both little, and both had got caught doing something wrong. Exact same smile.

"Thanks Jazz."

Then Danny turned and walked out the door, and Jazz sighed.

No matter what had happened in that lab, she only cared that Danny start to feel better, to heal. That fight hadn't just damaged him physically. It had damaged him emotionally as well.

After playing various games at the arcade, Danny was feeling a lot better than he had at breakfast. Sam and Tuck had made sure of that, combining all their tickets to get him a huge ghost stuffed animal. It had made him laugh, and he promised he would display it proudly in his room.

They decided to beat it back to Sam's house to spend the night in her awesome theater room, and they got there in little to no time at all beause Danny flew them all there.

Fifteen minutes later found them munching on popcorn, some vaugely scary movie playing on the large theater screen while they ignored it in favor of talking.

Danny's thoughts strayed eventually, and when they did they turned to the pompous missing billionare.

That limbo dream he had had with Vlad had been very weird, and disturbing. How Vlad had looked at him with such haunted eyes.

"Do you know what happens to a halfa when they are split from their ghoast half?"

"Unimaginable pain, total agony."

"I am not dead. But I wish I was."

He started trembling, and as soon as he did he felt a small hand curl itself around his and squeeze.

"Danny, calm down. It's okay. Your here, with me and Tucker." Sam's voice gently reached his ears, and when he opened his eyes he looked down at their joined hands. His were glowing with his green spectral energy.

With enough calming and centering of himself, he managed to get the green etoplasmic glow to fade until it was no longer visable.

"I just feel so guilty." he said quitely, and Sam pulled him to her when he spoke the thought.

"I know, and thats okay. We all do, but we'll get through it together." Sam continued to hug him, and Tuck joined in and they stayed like that for a bit, lending eachother strength in their togetherness.

Talk continued for a bit longer until everyone slowly but surely drifted off to sleep.


Danny turned over in his sleep, a frown placing itself on his face as his hand curled into a fist.


Danny sighed in his sleep, rolling over onto his back and a soft smile replacing the frown appeared on his young face.

//Come to me..//

Danny slowly stood up, as if he was in some kind of trance, and walked slowly out of Sam's theater room. After he closed the door sofly, he phased into Phantom, unfocused eyes staring ahead. He flew straight up through the roof, and once he was out looked around slowly.

//Come to me, Daniel.//

The young halfa tilted his face slightly, taking in the sight of the full moon with his glazed over eyes. Then he sped off towards the park four blocks over.

Danny phased back into his human half, walking slowly but surely towards an old and dusty looking Victorian style house. He turned intangible and walked straight through the door and up the spiral staircase. He felt so light, and unfocused....dreamy. And also, not entirely in control over himself. Was this what being under the influence was like? Had Tuck spiked his punch earlier? He thought it had tasted funny....

He went straight for the second door on the right, and opened it without hesitation.

He walked into the middle of the room, looking around. He couldn't see much, most of the stuff in the room was swathed in shadows. But he could see a fireplace, looking long abandoned. And a four poster bed, with somewhat tattered light blue curtains. He smiled goofily.

"Hellloo? Anybody here?" he called, but of course he didn't get an answer....

Until a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his middle and pulled him back into a very muscular feeling chest. A growl reverberated it's way through said chest, and Danny found his heart kicking it into high gear.

But it wasn't out of fear. No....it was....

Danny's eyes widened when he was suddenly spun around then pinned against the wall a few feet behind him. A pretty cold body was pressed tightly against his, and Danny couldn't find it in himself to protest. In fact, he was liking it a lot. His head tilted back as much as he could manage when those pleasurable feelings spiked. He heard a hissing noise, and the strangers face pressed against his neck, near his collarbone.

Shouldn't he be concerned that some stranger was nuzzling his neck in an abandoned old house? Defenitely. Was he? No. And he didn't know why.

He groaned as he felt the strangest sensation. Teeth teasing the skin of his neck. Sharp teeth.

"Yes!" Danny whispered, not even entirely aware of what he was saying yes to.

And then he felt those teeth snap down, sinking into his neck. He gasped, involuntarily arching into the solid as stone being in front of him. His eyes snapped shut, and he felt he groaned louder as he saw stars exploding behind his eyes. This was so intense....

The pleasure was almost too much actually. He clung desperately to the form pressing him into the wall, never wanting this perfect feeling of bliss to end. It was incredible, the perfect high. It was like having everything he wanted most in the world. Sam's love, his parents acceptence, the world to know his secret and accept him anyway....having all that and knowing it would never be taken from him....

//You are MINE!//

Danny knew it wouldn't be long before he passed out, he was feeling more and more dizzy. But he had one more thought to add before he did.


TBC! ;)
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May 28th, 2014

09:14 pm - A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt. 3!
Authors Note-I will make this short, since the next chapter is what everyone wants! I love making this story, it's been a lot of fun so far. I'm not sure how long it's going to be yet, but atleast another couple of
chapters is assured. Now to the warnings! ;)

Warnings-Rated M for gore and language.

On with the fic!

A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt. 3!

Danny felt like he was floating. He couldn't regetmeber what had gotten him to this point, and everywhere he looked was just white. Wait....white? What the hell was going on? Was he dead? It would make sense. He didn't feel anything really, and he felt like he was floating, nothing but white everywhere....


If he was dead, that would seriously suck. He never got to say how he felt about Sam to her. Didn't get to say goodbye to her or Tucker, or his parents, Jazz..the thought brought tears to his eyes.

"NO!" he shouted, flailing around when he suddenly felt pain, a whole bunch of it. But it wasn't physical, it was all emotional. He couldn't stand the thought of never seeing any of them again. Or atleast not a very long time, if this really was Heaven.

"You know, you could be a little less dramatic, Daniel." a baritone voice drawled, which caused Danny to sit upright quickly. So quickly he immeaditely felt dizzy.

"Vlad?" he groaned, looking around the foggy whiteness for the pompous millionare. "Vlad, where the hell are you?"

"I'm here, Daniel." Vlad spoke again, and then the fog cleared a bit, and Danny could make out the older halfa's form, sitting hunched over in thought.

"What are you doing here? Are you dead? Am I?" Danny blurted out, and Vlad turned to look him straight in the eye, his own haunted.

"No, you are not dead. Myself?" Vlad chuckled bitterly, "I wish I was."

Danny tried to move closer to the older man, but found that he could not. It was if he was rooted to the spot.

"What do you mean, you wish you were?" Danny questioned hesitantly.

Vlad's eyes suddenly flashed with anger, and he was up on his feet in a heartbeat. In another, he was upon Danny and lifting him up by the front of his shirt. His glare sent a chill down Danny's spine, and then suddenly he remebered what put him here in this place. The showdown with Plasmius. Vlad unconcious, pale as death, on the floor of the lab....

Vlad snorted, reading Danny's face expertly and abruptly dropping him to the ground.

"Finally remebered, have you? What you did to me?" Vlad ground out, it sounded like his teeth were barred as he said it.

Danny landed on his hands and knees thankfully, and kept his head down for a moment before looking up at Vlad. He had his back turned.

"I'm sorry." Danny said simply, and Vlad laughed bitterly when he did.

"Do you know what happens Daniel, when a halfa is split by that charming dream catcher of yours?" Vlad whispered, so quite Danny almost didn't hear him.

Of course he did, he had been split by the dream catcher himself.

Vlad laughed again.

"It was different for me. Plasmius has certain....properties. Ones that made our forced seperation agnonizing. One could argue unbearable."

Vlad turned to him suddenly, eyes pissed again.

"You say that you are not me, Daniel. Not as evil. And yet, to subject an individual to what you just did. You are just as bad. Well on the path to becoming Dan, I'd say."

Danny flinched and his eyes flashed green when Vlad had the audicity to refer to Dan in reference to him. He was nothing like Dan. And he never would be.He'd gotten rid of Plasmius for the good of everyone.

'I'm not him. I never will be." Danny ground out, and Vlad just laughed.

But that laugh was abruptly cut off when Vlad clutched his neck, falling to the ground and howling in pain. He was spasming, looked like he was having a seizure. And he had blood leaking out of his mouth, not ectoplasm anymore because he wasn't a halfa anymore.

"VLAD!" Danny yelled, and when he tried to move still found that he could not. He struggled as Vlad thrashed around. The fog was starting to descend again, and Danny started to panic.

"VLAD!" he yelled again, but he could no longer see the man. He could just hear his agonized cries. No human being should have been capable of making such a sound. And to make matters worse, he could no longer see his hand when he put it in front of his face. That DAMN FOG!

After awhile Danny covered his ears with his hands, now knowing there was no way for him to help the older man. He tried desperately to block the sound, but to no avail. This had to be hell, he thought. This could not possibly be Heaven....Soon his own yells joined in with Vlad's anguished cries....


A hand slapped him across the cheek, and he woke up abruptly, looking frantically around.

"Vlad.." he muttured, he looked towards where he'd last seen the unconcious millionare.

He wasn't there. Vlad was gone.

Danny's mind spun, and he quickly laid back down in case he passed out again.

Wouldn't want another head injury, after all.

His mom, dad, Sam and Tucker were all around him, looking alarmed.

"What happened, Danny!" His mom and dad both asked at the same time, looking around at the destroyed lab and then at their injured son.

"A..a ghost. It was a ghost." he told his parents, who looked even more concerned. his mom was bandaging up his head quickly, checking him for a concussion.

"A ghost flew out of the portal after, ambushed me while I was changing the ecto filtrator. Destroyed the lab and knocked me out." Danny was lying through his teeth, but his parents seemed to buy it. He gave Tuck and Sam the look to communicate that they needed to talk. Now.

Tucker destracted his parents into going breifly upstairs, and Sam grabbed his hand, fear dancing in her eyes.

"What happened, Danny?" she asked, voice uncharecteristically quiet.

Danny explained everything that had happened, and Sam turned a bit paler as he did.

"So Plasmius is gone. Escaped." Sam restated to be sure.

Danny nodded in confirmation.

"But thats not the worst part."

"What is?"

Danny looked to the corner where Vlad had been. It was splattered in blood.

"Vlad is missing."

And it was then, and only then, that Danny let darkness claim him.

End of pt. 3! TBC! ;)
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May 27th, 2014

09:52 pm - A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt. 2!
Authors Note- Greetings, my loyal Phan readers! And any other type of reader that happens to be following my completely for fun fanfic! ;) Welcome to part two of, "A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire!" I don't believe I've updated twice in two days since, "Reasons to Hate." Ah well! It's a good habit to get back into....On with the fic!

Warnings-We are getting into the gory stuff I was talking about/warning about last chapter in this one, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I would skip this chapter. I won't get too graphic, but still. Also there is adult language, so if that bothers you you might want to avoid as well. Rated M for language and gore.

A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire! Pt. 2!

After coming up with a plan that seem plausible to catch Plasmius with, Danny's friends left for the night, yawning loudly on their way out. Danny shut the door behind them, grinning at the thought of no more Vlad PLasmius to deal with.

"Almost seems impossible." Danny mummured, stretching his arms above his head and practically purring when he heard his back crack. There was no better feeling than that when one was tired.

While brushing his teeth energetically in front of the mirror, the young halfa contemplated life without Plasmius in it. When Vlad was forced into being a full human again, he and Dani would be the only two halfa's left in the world. That was a little scary, in a way. Halfa's shouldered a big responsibility in this world. One rejected that responsibility and used his powers for personal gain, one accepted it and embraced life fearlessly and joyously. And him? Well, he was the not always appriciated ghost boy hero of this city, Amity Parks last great defender, as Tuck liked to say. He did always have a flare for the dramatic.

It was then an idea came to his head. He didn't know why he hadn't thought of it sooner. Rushing out of his bathroom, Danny grabbed his cell that was on his bedside table. He punched the number in, then held the phone to his ear with his shoulder.

"Hello!" a perky sounding voice answered on the other end, and Danny's tired face instantly broke into a full on grin.

"Hey Dani!" Danny said just as enthusiastically, smirking a bit when she squealed. Did he suprise her that much by calling?

"DANNY! You haven't called in a long time! Whats up, cousin?" Dani sounded very happy, and Danny was glad. Behind her parents backs, Sam had gotten money and got Dani a place to call her own, in a rural area not too far away. Kt was a nice cottage house, and Dani could fly around freely because of the very rural area. She was very happy there, and because she was very mature handled being on her own just fine.

"Well actually, I was calling to ask you if you would like to come visit for a week or so. My parents want to see you again, and me too of course. Oh, and Sam and Tucker also." Danny added, "It's been a long time."

"Heck yeah it has! I would love to come Danny, thanks for inviting me!" Dani trilled excitedly, and Danny couldn't help the small smile that bloomed on his face. It was nothing really, no big deal. He just really liked having Dani around. So did his parents, Tuck and Sam too. She could even make Sam crack a smile or two on her worst days.

Danny told her she could come as early as noon tomorrow if she wanted, and Dani enthusiastically agreed, before saying she had to go pack.

"Okay Dani, see ya then."

"Bye Danny! I'm so excited! See ya soon!"

Danny smiled as the younger halfa ended the phone call before he could even look at his screen. Dani had such a thirst for life, and Danny could understand that all to well. After all, they had both had it nearly taken from them on on more than one occasion.

Danny placed his cell on his nightstand before quickly crawling into bed. He was so tired, and he had more plotting to do with Tucker and Sam tomorrow about Plasmius....he almost had his eyes closed when....

"SHIT! I forgot to change the ecto filtrator! Again!" Danny could have slapped himself for his stupidity as he jumped out of bed hastily. He didn't even bother to slip his slippers on as he hurried out his door and down the stairs. His dad would kill him if he didn't go change it now....he remebered that doomsday scenario his dad had showed him about the filtrator all to well....this house was not going to blow up on his watch. His dads maybe, but not his....

As soon as Danny got to the lab, he hurried towards the filtrator. "Damn, this floor is cold!" the raven haired boy complained as he hurried towards his goal of getting back under his warm sheets. He had the vial in his hands, switching it with the used one. As he was doing that, he was thinking to himself.

"Man, it's going to a bit weird without the constant threat of Plasmius out to get me." He shrugged, "But it will defenitely be a change for the better."

"And just what makes you think I'm going anywhere, little badger? And I must say, I am most pleased that you view me as a threat." A horribly familiar deep voice purred at him, and Danny felt pure dread shoot up his spine. Dread he kept carefully in check. He couldn't show any weakness. This threw a wrench in his, Sam's, and Tuck's plans.


"You hear what you want to hear, Plasmius." Danny said cooly before shouting, "I'M GOIN' GHOST!" and phasing to Phantom.

Plasmius opened his eyes wider, hand flying to his chest in mock horror. Danny growled. The older halfa was mocking him.

Though not a halfa for that much longer.

(Wondering how Plasmius read his thoughts? Why Danny's ghost sense didn't go off? Hello neato Plasmius influenced abilities! New abilities that allow him to avoid detection and read minds!)

"Why are you here, Plasmius?" Danny growled, throwing a powerful ectoblast right at Plasmius's head. Of course he dodged it, and threw an even nastier ecto beam that hit, unlike Danny's attempt. The younger halfa grunted as his back greeted the wall, and when he felt a stabbing pain on the back of his head he touched it gingerly.

When he drew his hand back, he was shocked to see ectoplasm blood there. How the hell had that happened? An ecto beam from Vlad had never had THAT much power before....

He was pretty dizzy from Vlad's attack, but managed to keep the advancing Vlad in his blurry sights. He sent a icy arctic blast across the floor, freezing it and making Vlad go slip sliding away, right into a wall. Danny laughed openly, while Vlad scowled.

"Not an ice skater, huh?" Danny taunted, and this time it was Plasmius's turn to let out a vicious sounding growl. He flew towards Danny in a rage, grabbing him by the shirt and pinning him against the wall. His ecto fire burning in the hand that wasn't holding Danny trapped, he smiled, baring his fangs in the most horrific looking way.

"Any last words, Daniel?" Vlad hissed out, and Danny flinched despite himself. That ecto flame was a little too close to his face for his personal comfort. But then he smiled, just a small one, but that was enough for Plasmius to hesitate just a bit.

And that was all the advantage the raven haired halfa needed.

"Just one. BYE!" Danny sucked in a breath and let his ghost wail rip, sending Vlad tumbling head over heels, screaming angrily the whole way, right into and through the Fenton Ghost Dream Catcher.

A horrible shreik pierced the air, and Danny had to cover his ears with his ectoplasmic blood covered hands. When he looked up again, he saw Vlad Masters, unconcious on the floor.

He looked so..pale. Danny thought. Pale as death. Danny panicked, making to move towards Vlad, when a loud snarl froze him in place. Froze him as surely as if he'd just ice blasted himself. He looked to the corner of the room, and almost passed out from pure fear alone.


His skin was a much darker blue, and he had deep looking bruises under his eyes. His already red eyes now held something even more unnerving in them, and the way he looked at Danny made him feel like he way prey. Without the good, however little, that was in Vlad to temper him, Plasmius looked....feral. Unhinged. Like he was capable of absolutely anything.

And Danny no sooner thought that thought that he was lifted into the air against his will, with seemingly no one holding him there. The quick movement made his dizyness worse, and he felt like he was going to be sick. Still he struggled.

"Why do you bother boy? You do not stand a chance against me. Without that fool to hold me back, I am more powerful than you can imagine." Plasmius growled, a menacing grin on his face.

"Still as fruitloopy as ever, Plasmius. Nice to know it wasn't just Vlad influencing you." Danny taunted, despite the fact Plasmius's mental grip on him was quickly becoming painful. Even more so now because of his smart a$$ comment....

"You insolent, foolish child! You have no IDEA the forces you are fooling around with! But I will be happy to show you. In time." The cold grin on Plasmius's face as he stalked up to Danny scared him worse than anything else so far. This was not going according to plan.

Plasmius's eyes narrowed slightly as they studied him, then took in the unconcious Vlad on the floor. He bared his teeth at him before purring,

"Lights out, Daniel."

And that was the last Danny heard before he felt himself falling. Impact, then nothing....

End of Pt. 2! TBC!
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May 26th, 2014

07:48 pm - A Halfa Split Makes a Vampire!
Authors Note: Hello my loyal readers! If you are reading this now I appriciate it, since it's been quite awhile since I wrote, "Halfa's Bound in Hatred." That is a WIP, and will be updated soon! ;) For now though, please enjoy my newest Danny Phantom fanfic offering. :)

Warnings-This will DEFENITELY be rated M in later chapters, but for right now I will just give a tiny warning for a little blood and gore coming very soon. And a very pissed off Plasmius. Read on if you dare. T for language.

Dedicated to Dani, as all my DP fanfics are! You rock Little Badger! ;)

The work of a teenage half human, half ghost never ends.

That is what Danny Phantom had running through his mind as he gave chase to the latest diabolical, ghostly creation of Plasmius's. That well dressed, super rich, fruitloopy SOB had kept him busy this entire week, just with ghosts like these. He hadn't even gotten his English paper done, which Lancer was defenitely going to give him hell for-

"DANNY! WATCH OUT!" Sam screamed and Danny had just enough time to evade a deadly looking ghost blade that would have split him in half. Ugh, just the thought..

Danny gave Sam a quick thumbs in thanks, then gave her their emergency signal. Sam nodded, and she and Tuck beat it back to the Fenton RV. Once they were both in, she slammed a fist down on a large green button. This put a sickly looking green sheild around the RV, protecting them from what Danny was about to do.

"Hey dude, how about cutting me a break, huh? Get it? Cutting? Since you just tried to cut me in half not a minute ago?" Danny taunted, and the ninja ghost snarled when he did, this time aiming his blade right at Danny's face.

"Huh, guess this creation of Vlad's doesn't have a sense of humor. Oh well!" Danny shrugged, then launched an ecto blast right at the ghosts masked face. It shreiked in pain, doubtled over, and thatgave Danny just the advantage he needed.

He reeled back, looking like he was taking a huge breath, then let loose his ghostly wail on full power. He didn't have a choice, really. This guy was way too fast, and this was the only way he could come out the winner in this fight.

The ninja ghost was blown so far back by his ghostly wail that even Danny was suprised. He was getting much better at using this skill, and it didn't drain his power nearly as much. He caught the ghost midair by his shirt and then slammed him hard into the ground. When the dust cleared, the ghost looked at him with pure loathing under the mask that hid most of his face. Danny didn't feel guilty AT ALL. This ghost had been putting the town, Sam, Tuck, and him through hell all day trying to catch him.

Danny smirked down at the ghost, then pointed the fenton thermos right in his face. "See ya!" he whispered, then quickly sucked the ghost into the thermos, who disapeared with an angry sounding moan.

Danny quickly ran into an alleyway and phased back into Fenton, always on the cautious side. As soon as he returned to the scene of the fight, he was hugged/tackled by someone wearing jasmine perfume, which made him a very happy halfa.

"Easy Sam, that was an epic fight, still a bit sore." Danny laughed, and Sam laughed to. He hugged her closer, loving the smell of her perfume. "You did awesome, Danny!" Sam whispered in his ear, before she pulled back just in time for Tucker to slap him hard on the back.

"Dude, that was AWESOME! You totally kicked the crap out of that ghost! Did you see his face??" Tuck suddenly turned a little sheepish. "Well, I guess not, his face was masked. Still! Did you see his eyes? TOTALLY scared!" Tuck high fived him for good measure, and Danny returned the slap on the back good naturedly. He loved Tuck, he really did. You couldn't ask for a better friend. And Sam..well, Sam was sort of different. In the what she meant to him way....

"Dude, are you blushing"? Tuck asked him, and Danny wanted to slap him upside the head for being so perceptive. Sam looked at him curiously, and he quickly came up with an excuse. He could go pro at excuse making, he did it all the time in Gym and with Lancer.

"I'm still flushed from all that kicking serious ghost @$$ kicking I just did!" He said convincingly, and both Tuck and Sam seemed to buy it. Thank god.

"Why don't we go to Nasty Burger? Grab some greased up burgers and fries to revamp (Haha, vamp. Foreshadowing FTW! ;)) your energy?" Tucker said enthusiastically. Danny nodded just as enthusiastically. That sounded like HEAVEN after chasing the ninja ghost around all day.

"Great, every vegatarians DREAM." Sam snarkily said, and Danny casually threw an arm around her shoulder when she did.

"Come on Sam, veggie burger on me?" Danny offered, and Sam let a small smile slip despite herself. Tuck grinned, once again to perceptive for his own good. Danny fought to keep his confidence, and to keep his eyes on Sam only.

"Okay, you guys win. Just this once!" Sam stated firmly before throwing one arm around Danny, and one around Tucker. They walked to their regular haunting spot, not realizing a frightening pair of red eyes was avidly watching their every move.

After the trio beat it back to Danny's house, Danny and Tucker with doggie bags in eager hands, they sat down to play some video games.

Sam was handing both their @$$es to them currently, which was exasperating both boys.

"What? Can't handle the heat, losers?" Sam taunted good naturedly, and both boys groaned when she did. Though Tucker more whole heartedly than Danny. As of pretty recently, he didn't mind losing to Sam in video games as much. In fact, he really liked watching her eyes light up in victory when she won. It was almost like how he was sure he looked after he took down a really powerful ghost....

"DUDE! DANNY!" Danny was brought out of his VERY pleasent Sam daydream by Tuck snapping his fingers in front of his face persistantly. He slapped Tuck's hand away really fast. He hated when his friend did that.

"What it is Tuck?" he growled, annoyed at being brought out of his very fun thoughts. He only noticed Tuck and Sam's serious expressions after another minute or so.

"Danny...." Sam began, but Tuck beat her to what she was about to say, very eager to speak his mind.

"We have an idea about Plasmius." he said, and Danny raised an eyebrow.

"Which is?" he pressed, curiousity getting the better of him.

"Well...." Sam began, pausing a bit before blurting it out.

"Remeber the Fenton Dream catcher splitting you and your ghost half?" she prompted gently, but Danny still groaned. Of course he remebered, what a nightmare that had been.

"Well, we thought we could lure Vlad here and use it on him!" Tucker said excitedly.

"What Tucker means is, we could draw him here, you fight him, throw him through the dream catcher, and he and Plasmius will be forcibly seperated. Then you can capture Plasmius in the thermos! No more Vlad Plasmius to worry about!"

Danny thought carefully about everything they said, years of ghost fighting and knowing Plasmius had taught him to calculate carefully.

"But where would we keep Plasmius? We can't just release him into the Ghost Zone...." Danny was very concerned about that.

"Well, once he's in the thermos, we can take him to Clockwork. He would keep him contained just like he's keeping Dan...." Tucker explained, not mmissing the shudder that wracked through Danny at the thought of Dan. He laid his hand on his friends shoulder in a comforting gesture.

"It's okay man. Clockwork can keep Plasmius captive until he dies...."

Danny shrugged himself out of Tucker's grip, looking at him with concern.

"Dies" What do you mean, dies? A ghost can't die...."

"It can and will if it is seperated from his human half, as is the case with Halfa's. I've done the research." Sam said, a tad smug at her knowledge on the subject.

"Will it hurt Vlad?" Danny asked quitely, and both his friends looked at him shocked.

"Why would you care, dude? After everything he's done to you?" Tuck asked, and Sam nodded.

Danny didn't know why. If he had to guess, he would think it was because of one thing. Despite the fact that man had made his life hell, he didn't want to see Vlad hurt on a mortal wound level. Who knew what kind of damage could be done to a halfa from their ghost half being destroyed?

"I wouldn't worry Danny. He'll probably be better off without Plasmius's evil influencing him." Sam said in a soothing voice.

Danny agreed with that. Vlad would be better off. When the Ghost Catcher split he and Phantom, it was Super Heroic v. Super Lazy. With Vlad and Plasmius, it would be Super fruitloopy, Ambitious, and Greedy v. Super Evil. Who knows how much Plasmius's absolute evil had made Vlad's already bad charecteristics that much worse? He would be better off without him.

Danny rotated his shoulders, feeling some of the kinks work themselves out. He brought his two fists together, phazing into Phantom. He looked first at Sam, then at Tuck.

"Lets do this! Operation de-evil frootloop is ago!"

Alright, that is the end of our first chapter! Hopefully it went well. ^.^ More to come soon!
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June 7th, 2013

11:13 pm - Halfa's Bound in Hatred
Authors Note-Yes! Finally back in my domain, and could not be happier about it! So what is the first thing I do? Write a DP story! Finally!

Warnings-Some swearing probably. I wouldn't put it past this pairing....And no, I don't mean slash pairing! The pompous pep ship will not sail here! *dodges ecctoblasts from angry peppers*

Summary:Vlad and Danny. In a closet. No it's not what you think. The hero and the arch nemisis are forced to confront their anger towards eachother, and assumptions both correct and not.

Dedicated to Admin Dani, who graduated today!

Vlad-Oh my little badger graduated today! I am so proud!

Danny-Yeah, so proud I'm sure Plasmius. Proud enough to try to turn her into an ectoplasmic pile of goo again.


Me-Boys! Save that for the fic will you?

V and D-*grumbles* Fine.

^.^ On with the fic!

Halfa's Bound in Hatred

"Fudge doodles!"

"Okay, seriously with the food curses?"

"Daniel, now is not the time!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I would come back at another time, but see you got us locked in a closet so...."

"If you value your life, little badger, I would stop speaking."

"Or what?"

Suddenly light flooded their small, cramped space as Vlad held one of his fiery ectoplasmic flames in his right hand. With his left, he planted it right next to Danny's head, leaning in close enough so that their noses almost touched. Danny's heartbeat quickened, and because of Vlad's sensitive hearing, he heard it quite clearly. He smiled, and with his vampiric appearence he looked quite sadistic. Danny's eyes narrowed, but the fruitloop just kept on grinning.

He hummed, seeming to let a few painful sounding idea pass through his mind as he had Danny pinned to the wall. He wasn't even touching the smaller halfa technically. He was just pinned there by fear, and by their close quarters. Vlad savored every minute of it. Any fear he could provoke in Daniel was a victory all on it's own. If he couldn't make Danny join him' he would make him fear him.

He held his flaming ectoplasm fire ball a little closer to Danny's face, and saw new fear spark in his eyes. He really thought that he was going to burn his face right off. No, he wasn't the sadistic. That would be pointless, and he never did anything that did not have a point. It did not serve him.

But he would pretend he was capable of anything, because he was sure Danny thought that he was. It would be great fun to have the boy on pins and needles. Most of the games Vlad played were ones of the mind anyway. They were capable of causing a lot more long lasting damage anyway.

"Do not tempt me, little badger." he purred, "You are playing with fire, do try not to get burned." His eyes narrowed, and he searched Danny's face for a moment. There was anger, oh yes, humiliation and being caught off guard....deep distrust, and a grudging respect. The kind of respect born of pure fear. He was just that good at provoking it. All of the things he liked to see in an enemy.

He backed off then, giving a half smirk as he sat down against a spice wall rack, tilting his head back for a moment and resting his eyes. He didn't open them again until a throat had been cleared repeatedly for precisely five minutes. It irritated him, and so he must put an end to it. He looked lazily up at Daniel. He was shivering a little harder than Vlad expected. He knew it was a bit cold down in the cellar where they were, but it didn't feel very cold to him at the moment.

He raised an eyebrow, and Danny shrugged a shoulder as if to shrug off the weird look he was being given. "Your torture dungeon is freaking freezing!" Danny complained, shuddering again like the overly dramatic teenager he was.

"First Daniel, I have never built a torture chamber anywhere on this premisis. And also, to built one in a dungeon would be a horrible cliche. Second, use a swear word, it will not kill you."

Now it was Danny's turn to raise an eyebrow, and Vlad almost smiled at how similar he looked to him at that moment. Almost.

"Says the fruitloop who swears using food words."

"I.Am.Not.A.Frootloop!" Vlad snapped, and Danny smiled as he got a rise out of him.

Vlad calmed himself, continuing to explain. "And I swear that way because I chose to. It is not as socially acceptable for an adult to swear all the time. It speaks to someones lack of intelligence and vocabularly if they do. For teenagers, it can be healthy once in awhile."

"Fine Vlad, how does this work for you?" Danny showed him the finger and then crossed his arms over his chest in open defiance. The brat.

But Vlad just smirked, crossing his arms over his own broader chest. "I believe that was a hand gesture Daniel, not a verbal curse. Though a colorful one to be sure, it certainly does get your point across."

Danny just turned away from him, muttering something about fruitloops and evil plots. Vlad saw another oppurtunity to strike it home and took it.

"Oh and also, don't use that gesture in the future unless you want someone to take you up on what your offering." Vlad drawled in his deepest tones, and it took Danny a minute to figure out what he'd said. When he did he blushed furiously, and said, "Screw you, Vlad."

"Also not a good word choice." Vlad was openly laughing now, and if ever there was an evil sounding laugh, that was it. (Theres the pompous pep moment, now you guys can't say I don't love you.)

Danny blushed and immeaditely say down, back to Vlad and as far away from him as he could get in this small space they were stuck in. So in other words, not very far. Vlad watched in amusement as Daniel silently fumed, absolutely in stitches from yanking Danny's chain so hard. It had been worth his efforts, just to see that embaressed blush.

Silence rained for a long time, until Danny finally broke the silence. "Why my mom Vlad? Why did you have to fall in love with her? And why did you have to be friends with my dad? If you hadn't been, none of this would have ever happened." The words came out coldly, and Daniels fists clenched as he said it.

Vla couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, even if the little halfa could not see it. The last thing he wanted to do was have a conversation with the brat. Why should he tell the little thorn in his side anything at all? He didn't owe him anything.

"I don't believe I have to divulge to you information on my college escapades Daniel. Unless." and he grinned at this, "You wish to know of how close your mother and I were at Spring Fling Freshman year...."

"LIAR!" Daniel yelled, his head turned so fast to look at Vlad he was lucky he din't get whiplash. His eyes flashed green, and he slammed his all to human hand against the brick wall to right of him. A large, bloody gash appeared instantly on the back of his hand, and Vlad honed right in on it, face furious.

"Idiot!" Vlad cursed again for good measure, jumping up and marching right over to Daniel, tossing his fiery ectoplasmic fire ball at the ceiling, where it hung suspended above them like a lightbulb.

He grabbed Danny's hand, inspecting the damage and tightening his hold when the stupid halfa tried to pull his hand a way.

"This wouldn't have happened if you weren't such an @ss!" Danny snarled, looking at him coldy.

"Do not blame me for your pathetic lack of control over your pathetic teenage anger." Vlad commented coldly back, as he grabbed a first aid kit attatched the wall and looked back at Danny.

"Sit." he ordered, and suprisingly Danny did. Only to inspect the damage more cclearly under their light source though. Vlad sat down next to him, taking up his hand again and wiping at it with an aneseptic wipe. He was not going to let the boy die of infection. If he was to die, it would be at his hand, and his alone.

"How did you do that?" Danny gestured with his chin to the flaming ball of light overhead. Figures. Idiot bashes his hand so hard against a wall it bleeds, then promptly forgets it in favor of curiosity.

Ah, the joys of a short attention span.

"Years and years of practice. Something you will be LUCKY to acheieve." Danny scowled again, giving the cold shoulder once again.

"This is going to hurt." Vlad warned, before spraying more anaseptic over the wound.

"OH MY **cking gosh that hurts!!" Danny shouted at the top of his very healthy lungs, and Vlad rolled his eyes.

"Come now, it doesn't hurt THAT BAD."

"Like hell it doesn't!"

"You're a very fast learner when it comes to swearing little badger, well done."

"Well I did learn from the best. Jazz swears a blue streak when she she's wrong about something."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah!" Danny said as Vlad finished bandaging up his hand. "She has the most colorful vocab I have ever had the displeasure of hearing."

Vlad smirked. He hadn't realized Jasmine had such a colorful vocab. She seemed so controlled and mature all the time. Never judge a book by it's cover, apparently...

Daniel lasped into silence again, and Vlad didn't push him on it this time. He couldn't put off noticing that the boy was shivering more than anyone should at the moment. He had now realized the reason he wasn't cold was because his ghostly fire core was keeping him nice and cozy. Daniel had and ice core, which was only made worse by being in the cold cellar. He had to do something quick before the little halfa started forming icicles on his hair.

"Daniel, you look frigid."

Danny laughed, though it sounded bitter. "Thanks. Thats what Tucker likes to say a lot."

Vlad frowned, but motioned with his hand. "Come here."

Danny looked at him like he was crazy, and he rolled his eyes. "What? So you can ectoblast me? No way"

Vlad frowned. "No you fool, I have a fire core. I can keep you from getting hypothermia from your ice core."

Danny bit his lip, tempted by the snakes offer though he wouldn't admit it. Then his eyes hardened. Despite the fact he was freezing, his feet and hands no longer felt, he would not break. He would not give the fruitloop the satisfaction.

*An hour later*

Danny was shivering violently in his sleep, his skin a faint bluish color and icicles forming on his hair. He was asleep, turned over on his side with his hands being used as a pillow.

Vlad was watching him with anger filled red eyes, until finally he couldn't take it anymore. He would not let the ungrateful brat freeze! He may be Jack Fenton's son, but he was also Maddie's. He could not let anything precious to Maddie die, not matter what his bitter heart said.

He pulled Danny over to him, draping his cape over the little halfa's form as he pulled the stubborn teen under his arm, against his side. Danny instantly cuddled into the warmth he felt surrounding him, pulling Vlad's cape closer to his face and bunching it in a fist.

He looked so innocent, so different from when he sneered at him when they fought, or grinned triumphantly when he won a battle, or when he arrogently shouted his battle cry as he phased to his ghost form.

"If only." Vlad sighed, wishing that Daniel had been his instead of Jack's. Maddie also. He could have given them both everything, made them happy. He could have had a SON. Someone to teach all of his skills and passions to, someone to pass on his legacy to. He had no one.

He remebered when Danny's birth announcement had come in the mail, and how he had looked at the picture of the raven haired, blue eyed infant and crushed it in his hands. His heart had felt broken, seeing the family he should have, could have had flourishing and happy.

Maybe thats why he was so hell bent on destroying Daniel. If he couldn't have him as a son, he didn't want him on this planet. Not to remind him everyday of what he could have had.

Daniel cuddled closer to his side again, his shivering now completely gone. Vlad couldn't make himself move though. Daniel looked to peaceful, and he felt it would be wrong to disturb him. He grimanced. What was wrong with him? He was going soft!

He pushed Daniel away, crossing his arms over this chest. Not ten seconds later, Danny began shivering again. He moaned in his sleep, and Vlad's eye twitched.

He pulled Danny back under his arm, and he instantly stopped shivering. He smiled.

Damn. Damn it all to the fiery pits of hades. This was going to be a long night.




I hope you enjoyed Dani!
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October 12th, 2011

11:15 pm - Seducing Wilson
Authors Note-This one is for you, wonderful co author of mine! I am DETERMINED to cheer you up, so if Hilson slash does it for you, then so be it! I'm game. ;)

Summary-Gregory House has a devious plan..Wilson pays the price. Hilarity ensues.

Warnings-What do you think? No seriously, lemon at best.
Seducing Wilson

"So..who thinks Wilson's got the hots for me?"

Foreman, Chase, Cameron, and all did a head spin at that one, while Thirteen merely raised an eyebrow in that delicate way of hers. She had heard weirder.

Cameron blushed, due to her previous history with House. Well, short history really. Chase squirmed uncomfortable in his chair, clearly out of his element. Now it was House's turn to raise an eyebrow, leaning on his cane in the impatient way he excelled at. He was pretty sure Chase was Gay and just deep in the closet about it. He just might be his next "project."

It took a long, awkward, quiet moment, but Foreman finally managed to gather his wits and suck it up. He had to, since no one else was going to..It ALWAYS had to be him, damn it.

"Any particular reason you're asking that question while we're going over case notes?" Foreman raised the stuffed folder he had been looking at before House's bombshell of a question, as if to give an all to neccesary visual aide.

"Geez, Foreman. I thought you'd be on my side this time, home dog. You let me down man." House taunted before turning away from a now irritated Foreman, limping over to his transparent board and grabbing a marker.

"I'm asking because" House began grandly, writing quickly over the boards surface. "Wilson has been in a bad mood lately. And I for one, want to change that." House smirked, stepping away from his board. His little ducklings gaped, open mouthed at the board.

"Operation: Seduce Wilson." House announced grandly, waving the arm not gripping his cane for theatrical effect. Oh man, it was days like this one that made him wish he had a camera.

"I didn't even know you were Gay!" Cameron blurted out, then blushed a deep red to the roots of her hair.

House once again raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged one shoulder. "Neither did I..until I had a..interesting conversation with a guy from Radiology.. in a closet." Man. If his duckies had been open mouthed before, now they were for sure going to start catching flies.

Before Cameron could form and indignant reply about House having an "innapropriate" interaction with another doctor, goody two shoes that she was, Thirteen cut her off.

"I knew it!" She said, leaning back in her chair and smiling smugly, crossing her arms over her chest. "I happened to pass by and overhear your..conversation." Thirteen looked positively giddy at this.

"I knew I could count on you..we gotta stick together, people like us!" House winked at her, but his smile and tone was just as sarcastic and snarky as ever.

"I never would have guessed you were gay." Chase almost whispered, still very dumbstruck. Thirteen put her face in her hands and bit her lip to keep from giggling. Chase was just so clueless sometimes. It had been so obvious to her that House was gay, even before she had overheard his "activities." Her Gaydar had gone off practically since the first day she had met him.

House rolled his eyes, as per usual, then started going for the door. "Well consider this my outing to you all..I'm here, and I'm queer..and that is all I have to freaking say here." he called over his shoulder as he walked out.

"Did you just try to rap?" Foreman called, amusement in his voice this time. House and rapping just seemed like an Oxymoron.

"Sure did, dog. I'm down with Rap. Just like I was down with that Radiologist. Should I sag my pants and get a gold tooth now?" The look on Cameron and Chase's faces was comical.

"Where are you going?" Cameron called, curiousity overcoming her shock.

House just barely heard her as he walked out the door. He turned toward the transparent glass window, pointing his cane at the board he had just written his delightfully wicked plan on. "I've got fish to fry and a Wilson to seduce!" He called almost cheerfully, quickining his pace as his excitement increased.

"This is going to be great. Really, really great." Thirteen was still absolutely giddy, so happy she had been right. Chase and Cameron were to dumbfounded still to say anything really. Foreman was still looking through the glass at the hallway House had just disapeared down. "I'm just thinking about how Cuddy's going to react to all of this.."

"Popcorn anyone?" Thirteen grinned.

"Ready or not, here I come, Wilson." House muttered, but the grin that spread across his face was positively predator v. prey. This was a game, and he was not about to loose. Not with a prize as positively seductive as Wilson at stake. Nope. Wilson did not stand a chance in hell against him. Not that he ever had. Thats what was going to make this fun.

Now he was standing right outside of Wilson's door.

"Let the games begin!"

Authors Note-Yeah! My first Hilson! Hm..I wonder what will happen next chapter..Poor Wilson..He doesn't stand a chance against House's seductive ways..review please!
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